GOOGLE Pixel 7a

  • Google Tensor G2 ⁴˒ ⁵
  • Adaptive Battery and Extreme Battery Saver ⁶˒ ⁷
  • Magic Eraser + Photo Unblur ⁸
  • Live Translate ⁹
  • Call Assist ¹⁰
  • Titan M2 ¹¹
  • Durability ¹²
  • Easy Switching ¹³


Meet Pixel 7a, engineered by Google. The Google Tensor G2 chip makes it fast. The Pixel Camera takes amazing photos and video. VPN by Google One protects your data.1 Pixel 7a features are rated the highest in security.2 And the battery lasts all day.3 All for less than you think.


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